This is the most common and MOST COLLECTIBLE type of American movie poster. Since a one sheet is used in the official advertising for films, they are prized by both collectors of memorabilia for specific films and of film posters themselves. The posters sold in general retailing stores to the public are in a poster size of 24” x 36”. These posters are mass produced by the thousands and are rarely considered to be collectible.  The most collectible of these are those that have been rolled and shipped in tubes to the movie theaters and have not been folded. Currently most posters are sent to cinemas rolled, for aesthetic reasons.  Nearly all one sheets printed before 1985 measure a full 27” x 41”. Most recent new one sheets since 1985 are approximately 27” x 40”. Please be aware that sizes can vary quite a bit sometimes and that posters do not have to measure EXACTLY 27” x 40” or EXACTLY  27” x 41”. One sheets are always in a vertical format. Up until the early 1980’s, most (not all) were issued folded with one vertical and three horizontal creases.  Some were issued tri-folded. THESE FOLDS ARE NOT CONSIDERED DEFECTS BECAUSE THEY WERE SHIPPED TO THE THEATERS THAT WAY.  The new size, 27 x 40” posters, are used in theaters today and now always are issued rolled. Most newer one sheets are printed double-sided (with a mirror image on the back) for use in a light box in front of the theaters. However, sometimes the studios print some poster single-sided. Most of today’s one sheets measure 27” x 40” and DO NOT have a white border like the 27”x 41” posters.