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5th Musketeer, The (1979)

5th Musketeer, The - 5th Musketeer, The  - Movie Poster
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Title: 5th Musketeer, The
Year: 1979
Type: U. S.One Sheet 27" x 41" or 27" x 40"
Condition: Very Good Folded
Size: 27



5th Musketeer, The

1979 Original One Sheet

C. W. Taylor Art

The Fifth Musketeer, the 1979 Ken Annakin medieval swashbuckling sword fighting romantic adventure thriller ("All New"; "Pure adventure is back... For the fun of it!"; "Based upon Alexandre Dumas' classic novel 'THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK' and screenplay by George Bruce") starring Beau Bridges (as Philip & Louis XIV), Sylvia Kristel (best remembered as the star of the "Emmanuelle" movies), Ursula Andress, Cornel Wilde ("as D'Artagnan"), Ian McShane (best remembered for his starring in HBO TV's "Deadwood"; he finally achieved major stardom after decades of fine acting!; "as Fouquet"), Lloyd Bridges (few major Hollywood stars have been so late in achieving stardom!; Bridges made a few movies in 1936 at the age of 23, but then worked on the stage until 1941, when he signed a contract with Columbia Pictures at the age of 28; it was several more years before he started playing leading roles, and he was caught up in the Hollywood blacklist of the early 1950s; he remained a minor star through much of the 1950s, but finally achieved stardom in TV's "Sea Hunt" in 1958; years later, he played wild parody roles in the "Airplane" and "Hot Shots" movies; he is, of course, also well remembered as the father of Jeff and Beau Bridges, both of whom have had similarly unconventional Hollywood careers as their father!; "as Aramis"), Alan Hale Jr. (best remembered as "The Skipper" on TV's "Gilligan's Island"; as Porthos), Helmut Dantine, Olivia De Havilland (billed as "special guest star Olivia De Havilland as Queen Anne"), Jose Ferrer ("as Athos"), and Rex Harrison ("as Colbert")

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