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Andy Hardy Comes Home (1958)

andy hardy comes home wc - Andy Hardy Comes Home - Movie Poster
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Title: Andy Hardy Comes Home
Year: 1958
Type: Window Card 14" x 22" unless trimmed
Condition: Fine Folded
Size: 14x22



Andy Hardy Comes Home 

1958 14" x 22" Window Card

Andy Hardy Comes Home, the 1958 Howard W. Koch Hardy family comedy ("NEW FUN with the famed Hardy family!"; "Mickey Rooney and his own son together for the first time!"; "Written by Edward Everett Hutshing"; one of the series of "Hardy Family" movies about Andy Hardy, his judge father, and the rest of his family; note that, in the first entries of this series, the judge father and his wife were the center of the movies, and the children had secondary roles, but Mickey Rooney's character quickly became extremely popular, and became the focus of the series) starring Mickey Rooney (in the title role as Andy Hardy), Patricia Breslin, Fay Holden, Cecilia Parker, Sara Haden, Joey Forman, Jerry Colonna, Teddy Rooney (billed as "and introducing Mickey's Son Teddy Rooney"), and Patricia Cawley

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