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A.P.E. (1976)

ape os - A.P.E. - Movie Poster
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Title: A.P.E.
Year: 1976
Type: U. S.One Sheet 27" x 41" or 27" x 40"
Condition: Very Good Folded
Size: 27" x 41"



A*P*E (also released as "Super Kong" and as "King Kong"!), the 1976 Paul Leder Korean/U.S. gigantic attacking primate thriller  starring Rod Arrants, Joanna Kerns, Nak-hun Lee, Alex Nicol, Jerry Hartke, and Yoin Jang Woo. Note that this terrible movie has a pretty cool poster! They sort of threw in everything but the kitchen sink, trying to cash in on the then-current re-make of King Kong, plus the huge popularity of Jaws, so their giant ape is holding a shark in one hand! There are clearly huge problems in scale on the poster, as the shark would be really gigantic (more like a whale), plus the ape is somehow pushing down an ocean liner with his foot. Note that the producers wisely headed off a lawsuit by putting "NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH KING KONG" under their title, but that didn't stop several countries from releasing it as "King Kong" anyway! Note that this movie was originally shot in 3-D, but was not released that way.

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