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CRIMSON PIRATE 1970s Rerelease Belgium (1952)

Crimson Pirate 1970s Rerelease Belgium - CRIMSON PIRATE 1970s  Rerelease Belgium - Movie Poster
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Title: CRIMSON PIRATE 1970s Rerelease Belgium
Year: 1952
Type: Foreign Movie Posters
Condition: Very Fine Unfolded
Size: 14x21.25




Belgium  14"x21.25"  1970s Re-release Theatrical Movie Poster

The Crimson Pirate, the 1952 Robert Siodmak high seas swashbuckling action adventure comedy ("He defied a King, the Spanish Navy, and every ship that dared to sail the seas."; "I'll eat the smoke of their cannon... And steal the woman from the king!"; "Storming sea and shore in daredevil deeds never seen before!"; "Storming sea and shore in breathless feats never screened before!"; "All of it filmed in the Mediterranean!"; "Pirates mass in underwater raid!"; "Death-Defying balloon attack!"; "Surprise charge of the 'Iron Monsters'!"; "Actually filmed in the far reaches of the Mediterranean!"; "Written by Roland Kibbee"; produced by Harold Hecht) starring Burt Lancaster ("Storming sea and shore in breathless feats never screened before!"; in the title role), Nick Cravat, Eva Bartok, Torin Thatcher, James Hayter, Leslie Bradley, and Noel Purcell

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